SCALA solo Set

Product description

Is there just one door to be equipped with electronic access control? Then SCALA solo is just the right choice. SCALA solo is the perfect entry solution for access control in residential properties such as single-occupancy houses and multiple-occupancy buildings and on smaller premises such as workshops, offices or law firms. It comprises the SCALA mini-controller, which can be integrated into any switch box in the building, and a reader. Instead of using keys, the door is opened using identification cards, a PIN or a security-optimised combination of identification card and PIN. Access entitlements can be easily configured via keypad entry with master code. The SCALA solo version can issue up to 99 codes and/or cards for a single door, which are then available to family members, employees, suppliers, or visitors. If authorisations are no longer required for a code or an identification card, both can be deleted easily and selectively.

The SCALA solo set, consisting of a mini controller and SCALA solo PIN reader, is supplied as a Plug & Play device. No PC or software is required to operate and manage the system and the user can start immediately with the access control. The connection of a reader, electric strike and door monitoring contact takes place on the mini-controller. Subsequent use of the mini-controller as a door module in superordinate solutions, such as in the event of a system expansion to SCALA web or SCALA net, for example, is easily possible.

The master code can be used to carry out a wide range of functions and setting options:

Operating mode:

The following modes can be selected during the first commissioning:

User identification card – SCALA solo only accepts user identification cards

User identification card and PIN – people must always be authenticated with an identification card, followed by a PIN code

PIN code only

User identification card or PIN – in this operating mode, users can be identified either via a user identification card or a PIN code

PIN code:

During the first commissioning, the administrator can define the length of the PIN code. The administrator can chose between a 4- or 6-digit code.

Note: the longer the PIN code chosen, the higher the security of the system.

Release time:

With SCALA solo, the door release time can be set in second increments of between 1 and 30 seconds.

Keypad sounds:

The keypad sounds can be activated or deactivated.

The keypad sounds always remain active for programming. This provides an acoustic feedback during programming in addition to the LED display and also helps to prevent incorrect entries.

Delete user:

With SCALA solo, individual users can be deleted per set memory location and several users can be deleted by deleting successive memory locations.

Permanent open:

When creating the user, it is possible to set whether the specific user can activate the always open function.

Permanent locking:

If required, the system administrator can configure a door to permanently locked.

Message function:

With SCALA solo, a one-off access can be saved. This is valid until it has been used or until a new one-off code has been programmed.

Guest function:

It is also possible to grant an access authorisation for a specific number of days. The access can be configured for between one and 36 days.

Overview of Advantages

  • Controlled access to a door without a key
  • Lost keys are no longer a problem with SCALA solo
  • No software interface
  • Plug & Play set with mini-controller and SCALA PIN reader
  • User-friendly and guided configuration mode
  • Easy programming with a master code
  • Quick loading and deletion of authorisations
  • Suitable for interior and external doors
  • Operating mode adjustable: Identification card, identification card and PIN, PIN, identification card or PIN
  • Increased security due to adjustable PIN length and operating mode identification card and PIN
  • Wide range of release functions: Permanent open, permanent locking, carrier and guest function
  • No tampering with the relay output possible, as the mini-controller is in the secure area
  • Reader technology MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE® Classic
  • Hardware can still be used in SCALA web+ and SCALA net
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