ePED® CMC connector Ethernet

Article number: 1386CMC-CON--00

Product description

The ePED® CMC Connector connects the ePED® escape door system with the central control unit.

System plug for the parametrization with ePED® Service Interface und Software for MS Windows.

The ePED® CMC Connector is connected to the ePED Central Control Unit through the ethernet. The doors are equipped with ePED® Escape Door System. The ethernet connection of the escape door door is provided by the ePED® CMC Connector 1386CMC-CON, with the following limits: One Central Control Unit 1386CMC can control maximum 128 escape doors through 128 CMC-Connectors 1386CMC-CON. One escape door can be controlled by maximum 32 Central Control Units 1386CMC through one CMC Connector 1386CMC-CON.

Technical data