CLIQ® technology

Product description

  • Unique and locking system encryption
  • Optional enhanced drilling protection
  • Optional comfort function for bilateral opening
  • Free rotation angles (optional)
  • Integrated chip to store access authorisations and events log
  • Operational temperature range: between –25°C and +85°C
  • Maintenance-free for up to 200,000 cycles
  • DIN EN 15684/2013-01
  • VdS and DIN approval
  • Optical and acoustic signalling for access entitlements, time zone and battery status
  • Reversible key: always fits, no matter which way it is inserted into the cylinder
  • Integrated standard battery (lithium cell CR 2032) for about 30,000 locking operations (for about 3 years of service life)
  • Protected against temporary immersion in water (IP67)
  • Optionally available for use in potentially-explosive atmospheres in Zone 1 (ATEX=II 2G EX IB IIB T4 Gb)
Available for following locking cylinder types