CLIQ® technology

Product description

  • Unique and locking system encryption
  • Optimum burglary protection due to mechanical tumblers and locking bars
  • Can be combined with mechanical and mechatronic cylinder
  • Optional enhanced drilling protection
  • Optional comfort function for bilateral opening
  • Several free rotation angles; 360° also available (optional)
  • Integrated chip to store access authorisations and procedures
  • 12 tumblers on the mechanical locking cylinder side and six on the mechatronic side
  • EN 1303/2005, lock security class 6 and fire resistance class 1 DIN 18252/2006, class 80
  • VdS approval class B for locking systems (VdS 2386), with drilling protection provided by a security fitting with cylinder cover (optional)
  • Operational temperature range: between –25°C and +85°C
  • Multi-functional display provides information regarding access authorisation, time zone and battery status
  • Reversible key: always fits, no matter which way it is inserted into the cylinder
  • Integrated standard battery (lithium cell CR 2025) for about 20,000 locking
  • Splash-proof
  • Optional EX II 2 G-protection approval for danger through gas
Available for following locking cylinder types