Multi-Point Lock with Handle Control 729X 729X400PZ

Product description

This security lock with handle control is primarily used in places where the advantage of a handle-controlled unlocking system needs to be combined with security requirements for the mechanical system in lock model 329X. The integrated monitoring contacts are able to query essential locking statuses. 729X model series locks feature a split follower and thus require an inside handle (or panic push bar) and an outside handle.

The settings on the panic side and the selection between fail-locked and fail-unlocked can be adjusted on the lock as required. The rated voltage is 12 - 24 V DC.

Monitoring contacts for: deadbolt in / deadbolt out; control latch; handle activation; tamper loops; profile cylinders

Overview of Advantages

  • Mechanical automatic locking system
  • With double action lock, so can be used with both DIN left-hand and right-hand
  • Panic side can be switched
  • Can be changed between fail-unlocked & fail-locked
  • Mechanical self-locking process control between double action lock and control latch
  • Burglary-resistant due to solid bolt with 20 mm throw. Additional sturdy hooked bolts for improved burglary protection. The hooked bolts are not designed to apply pressure to door seals. The system will only work effectively if there is no side pressure on the bolt.
  • Burglary resistance up to resistance class 2 can be achieved in suitable door systems
  • Panic function – approval in accordance with EN 179 – approval in accordance with EN 1125
  • Suitable for fire doors
  • Changeover function for unlocking with a key from the outside

Scope of delivery

  • 1 multi-point lock
  • 1 operating manual


  • Please note: Connection lead should be ordered additionally.
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered