Reversible key profile RW6

Suitable for system types GH, H, KHZ, Z, ZUE

The IKON RW6 drill hole recess cylinder combines the appearance of high security with a renowned pin tumbler mechanism. The RW6 is based on the hole recess technology with a total of 3 security levels.

Here 6 actively spring-borne tumblers are used in various versions and levels. 5 additional side locking pins in a total of 11 different positions ensure more security compared to conventional manipulation methods.

RW6 is a solution as simple as it is sophisticated, offering more than many simple, conventional master key systems. This includes patent protection, good master key system capability and functionality, certified security according to the strictest requirements of EN 1303:2015 as well as various exclusive profiles.

Product description

  • Reversible keying system with drilled recess coding
  • 6 active spring-borne + 5 passive tumblers working on 2 levels as per DIN EN 1303:205 or DIN 18252
  • Stable nickel silver key with ergonomic full metal head
  • Key with complex profile structure and differentiated query on several levels
  • Narrow keyway with complex feature arrangement against the introduction of picking tools
  • Protected patented system with security card