ePED® Central control unit (CMC)

Article number: 1386CMC-3-34200

Product description

The ePED® 1386CMC central escape route control system is a central operating panel with which authorised persons monitor and operate the electrically-controlled escape-door system, including the double release delay.

To block the release, variant 1386CMCD is required.

The operating panel contains an emergency button for the central release, operating and display elements for the double time delay and a status display of the linked escape-door system.

System connector for setting parameters with ePED® service interface and software for MS Windows.

The ePED® central escape route control system is connected with the escape doors via Ethernet. The doors are equipped with escape door systems with ePED® escape route technology. The Ethernet connection is established with an ePED® 1386CMC-CON CMC Connector on every escape door, whereby the following limits apply: one 1386CMC central escape route control system can control no more than 128 escape doors via 128 1386CMC-CON CMC connectors and one escape door can be controlled by no more than 32 1386CMC central escape route control systems.

Technical data