SCALA Jung reader

Product description

The SCALA Jung readers are write/reader units, which can be used in combination with the SCALA EAC system. The reader fits seamlessly into the existing switch range with matching reader covers.

The SCALA reader is additionally available in versions suitable for Jung AS550 and LS990.

A RFID version with PIN keypad is also available in addition to the pure RFID version for the switch programme AS550.

Operation is extremely easy thanks to the clear signals. The display takes place both visually via LEDs and acoustically. The user therefore sees instantly whether access is being granted or whether new user rights are being written on the identification card.

The SCALA Jung readers are available in the two conventional switch programmes and can thus be optimally integrated in existing switch programmes.

The data of the transponder is converted 1:1 analogue/digital and sent to the SCALA controller. The security of the encryption is identical to the security of the air interface between the user identification card and reader.

All safety-relevant processes do not take place in the reader, but are controlled in the controller. This rules out tampering between the identification card, reader and controller based on the current state-of-the-art technology – such as tapping the encryption or replacing the reader with a compromised unit.

The SCALA readers have integrated temperature and voltage sensors as standard, which permanently measure the temperature and input voltage of the readers. This can help to prevent faults.

The available operating states are displayed via a yellow, a dual colour (red/green) and a RGB-LED. The transmission quality between the user identification card and the reader is displayed via the RS485 bus with a communication LED.

The communication between SCALA reader and controller takes place via a RS485 interface. The communication and the voltage supply takes place via the 4-wire cable.

The wiring of the reader takes place intuitively and is particularly easy.

The SCALA reader can be mounted on any standard flush-mounted box. The reader can also be surface-mounted using the mounting frame.

  • Permanent open/permanent locking
  • Authorisation via identification card, identification card and PIN and PIN only
  • For authorisation via identification card and PIN, the sequence with which the user authentication takes place can be set in the software (SCALA net): First the identification card, then the PIN, or the PIN followed by the identification card
  • Door code (SCALA PIN reader)
  • Threat code (SCALA PIN reader)
  • Alarm arming/disarming (SCALA PIN reader)

Overview of Advantages

  • Available variants: Surface-mounted, flush-mounted; with and without PIN keypad
  • Integrated buzzer
  • 3 multi-coloured LEDs
  • RS485 interface (SCALA protocol)
  • Integrated temperature monitoring (evaluation in SCALA net)
  • Integrated voltage monitoring (evaluation in SCALA net)
  • Integrated read/write mode (can be set using the SCALA net software)
  • Integrated encryption mode
  • Encrypted data transmission from the identification card to the door control


  • Frame not included in the scope of supply
  • This reader can only be used in SCALA net
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered