ePED® panic touch bar, controlled without display terminal

Article number: N370200xxxx0000

Product description

For use in conjunction with a permitted lock as a panic touch bar to secure the second door leaf or in combination with an additional emergency exit door terminal.

Use with and without release delay, with four-wire bus cabling in Hi-O technology.

Electrically controlled touch bar panic function to secure the panic lock against misuse.

Overview of Advantages

  • panic touch bar as per EN 1125
  • Electrically controlled panic function
  • Extension and external activation via the Hi-O bus


  • ePED touch bars are custom-manufactured for the desired base profile length. Dimensions cannot be changed at a later stage.
  • As a general rule, such custom-made products cannot be returned or cancelled.
  • Indicate the length of the base profile with a tolerance of ±1 mm when placing orders.
Technical data