ABLOY PROTEC² padlock - System D11 .330

With positive locking - without key -

Product description

  • With patented disk technology
  • Highly effective protection against lock picking and bumping thanks to the patented DBS (Disc Blocking System)
  • Extremely long-lasting even under heavy stress, thanks to the patented AWS function
  • Extremely effective key copying protection thanks to the patented key guide and a movable element in the key
  • 11 tin bronze disks
  • Standard shackle clearance height 25 mm (AUS=LH25)
  • Additional 50 mm shackle height available (AUS=LH50)
  • Steel shackle diameter 8 mm, chrome-plated
  • Standard housing surface chrome

Scope of delivery

  • 1 cylinder padlock

Current Systems