Steel security fitting with cylinder cover - handle/handle SXL3

Long backplate for apartment doors

Product description

  • Distance 72 mm
  • Spindle 9 mm
  • For cylinder projection from 9 to 13.5 mm
  • External plate thickness 10 mm - Internal plate thickness 6 mm
  • Material external plate: solid steel, hardened
  • Material internal plate: solid steel
  • Triple screwed joint
  • Material Handle: anodised aluminium with steel core
  • Handle U-shape
  • Handle is supplied mounted
  • Divided half spindle

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Set with fixing material
Variants that can be ordered
Article numberFB=TS=
SXL3 F2 P40-XAM21-XIM18
F2 P47-XAM25-XIM21
F2 P54-XAM28-XIM25
F2 P61-XAM32-XIM28
F2 P68-XAM35-XIM32
F2 P75-XAM39-XIM35
F2 P82-XAM42-XIM39
F2 P89-XAM46-XIM42
F2 P96-XAM49-XIM46
F2 P103-XAM53-XIM49