Security door fail-unlocked strike 332.208 332.208 ProFix 1 (RRAKRR)

Product description

The compact construction of the effeff 332,208 allows rapid, straightforward mounting onto a wide variety of door frame and profiles.

Overview of Advantages

  • Radius latch
  • Small symmetrical construction shape
  • Min. 2000 N, max. 3000 N holding force in accordance with prEN 13637
  • Unlocking under pre-load with 100% holding force
  • Monitoring contact is potential-free and armature contact is non-isolated *
  • DL/DR and horizontal universal installation position
  • Compact fitting dimensions
  • Adjustable FaFix® latch: 2 mm adjustment range with 0.5 mm increments
  • Compatible with ProFix® 1 striking plates
  • Monitoring contact integrated in the housing
  • Monitoring flap moves together with the FaFix® screw-on attachment, i.e. the switching point always remains the same


  • Can only be used as a supplementary locking device on fire doors
  • * Coupling Relay 7480 is required for parallel operation.
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered