Lead cover 10314-11

Short model

Article number: 10314-11-----00

EAN-Number: 4042203335615

Product description

For direct power transmission from the door frame to the door leaf. Rust-resistant, flexible metal hose. Fixing caps for mounting on door frame and door leaf.

Overview of Advantages

  • Door and frames can be manufactured and supplied separately.
  • A check can be carried out in the factory beforehand to ensure electrical components at this interface work properly.
  • Door leaves and frames can be installed separately, meaning the fitter isn't required to know how to install electrical components.
  • The clamp-plug connection on the frame side can be directly connected to the building's wiring without using a junction box.
  • As this component is exposed to heavy use due to movement, a high-grade special cable in the cable transition ensures it has a long service life.
  • Wear due to friction in the cable transition is eliminated.
  • Door leaves and frames can easily be repaired separately with no electrical engineering skills required
  • Interface with wiring in building - straightforward connection for maintenance and diagnosis devices, enabling the source of defects to be detected easily and quickly eliminated

Scope of delivery

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  • Short model
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