MEDIATOR® multi-point lock, wooden and steel door version

Product description

The MEDIATOR® multi-point lock is available with different backsets in its wooden and steel door version.

Overview of Advantages

  • Automatic locking system: Bolt and latch are blocked, therefore higher level of security
  • Additional sturdy hooked bolts for improved burglary protection. The hooked bolts are not designed to apply pressure to door seals. The system will only work effectively if there is no side pressure on the bolt.
  • Mechanical follow up control between double action latch and control latch
  • Integrated panic function via internal door handle
  • Changeover function for unlocking with a key from the outside
  • Minimum rear backset for tubular frame design: 15 mm


  • MEDIATOR® locks have a bolt through the handle and thus require front door furniture (inside handle or panic push bar, outside knob or push bar).
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered