Aperio PAP tool and wireless dongle

Software tool to setup and configure Aperio® devices/ hubs

Aperio® is a new global ASSA ABLOY technology that enables mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to an new or existing access control system without any need to modify the door. The heart of Aperio® is a short distance wireless communication protocol designed to link an online electronic access control system with an Aperio® enabled electronic cylinder or escutcheon. The open architecture of Aperio® provides a convenient way of connecting with most access control systems via RS485 or wiegand interface. The Aperio® cylinders or escutcheons communicate via an encrypted wireless link to a communication hub that is wired directly to the existing system. Aperio® offers a lower price per door, fast and easy to install and requires less man-hours to manage. It is managed with existing software and access control systems as it is built on an open standard.

Product description

The Aperio online components are configured and programmed with the Aperio PAP tool.

The Aperio™ PAP tool is required during commissioning to connect the escutcheons and cylinders with an Aperio 1-to-8 hub and to load the customer-specific encryption into the components.

The tool can also be used to carry out a firmware update for all Aperio components (online and offline).

With the Aperio online components, it is also possible to load identification cards, which grant access even in the event of a system failure. Up to 10 emergency identification cards can be saved, which only grant access if there is no connection with a hub, e.g. in the event of a power failure.

The Aperio technology can be used to variably distribute the wireless communication over a total of 26 channels. The radio channels can also be set via the PAP tool.

Aperio wireless dongle: The Aperio wireless dongle is connected directly to the PC via a USB connection. The wireless dongle communicates with the Aperio PAP Tool and establishes a wireless connection with the online components. The pre-set settings in the Aperio PAP Tool are transmitted to the escutcheons and cylinders via this wireless connection. The entire wireless communication when reading in and transmitting data is AES-128 bit encrypted.

Overview of Advantages

  • Setting the time in the online components
  • Adjustment of radio channels
  • Configuration of the online components
  • Firmware update for online and offline components
  • Display of the configuration of the online components (door number, door group etc.)
  • Reading of event memory
  • Installation database encrypted with password
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista and WIN 7, WIN10 (recommended Windows Professional)
  • Installation management for: Configuration of the unit, firmware update, activation/deactivation of devices, management of identification cards for emergency authorisations
  • Status display of the wireless connection, address settings
  • The USB dongle included enables wireless communication with the Aperio products/hubs

Scope of delivery

  • Software, Controller, USB Dongle