ANYKEY® security escutcheon with access control

One model for all doors! ANYKEY® is the only door fitting on the market which meets the three most important security standards: Intrusion protection (tested in accordance with DIN EN 1906, protection rating 2 and DIN 18257), emergency exit (suitability for doors in accordance with DIN EN 179), fire protection (approval in accordance with DIN 18273).

This high level of certified security makes ANYKEY® the ideal fitting for almost all applications and doors. ANYKEY® is your master key to increased protection and security!

Intrusion completely prevented! Intrusion or unauthorised access and theft of valuables or industrial espionage represent a serious cost factor. Even if the insurance company pays out, the damage caused by downtime and obstructed work or uncertainty is almost impossible to remedy.

ANYKEY® takes care of access on both external and internal doors reliably for you, has a strong, robust stainless steel outside escutcheon, is tamper-proof, can be equipped with a self-locking lock and the version with euro profile cylinder is optionally available with cylinder protection. Prevention is still the best investment.

Open for escape routes! Protecting human life is always the top priority, everywhere. But maximum security is also extremely important. The two requirements can sometimes collide. This does not happen with ANYKEY®. ANYKEY® is fitted with an integrated panic function at the factory, which ensures that the door can be opened easily from the inside at any time, without losing its intrusion or fire protection function.

Resistant to fire! ANYKEY® is suitable for use on fire and smoke protection doors in accordance with DIN 18273. In concrete terms, this means: The fitting can withstand a heat impact of 1000° C. This makes ANYKEY® the perfect solution wherever optimal intrusion protection and effective protection in the event of fire and smoke must be guaranteed.

Ideal for retrofitting! ANYKEY® can be used in new builds, as well as in conversions and renovations with a decorative plate available separately. The decorative plate not only covers old drill holes, but also offers added protection.

Ideal for self-locking security locks! ANYKEY® is ideal for combining with self-locking security locks, e.g. the effeff-locks 309x or 409x. These locks lock a door automatically as soon as it engages with the latch. In the event of a successful intrusion despite the high level of security, ANYKEY® thus removes any issues with providing the relevant proof to insurance companies.

Anything but normal! ANYKEY® is the record holder for standard-compliant security fittings. It is the only access control worldwide that complies not only with intrusion protection in accordance with DIN EN 1906, protection class 2 and DIN 18257 but also DIN EN 179 for use in emergency exits and DIN 18273 for use on fire rated doors. As far as certified security is concerned, ANYKEY® is anything but standard.