Access code version

Play it safe! ANYKEY® in the door code version is the perfect solution for anywhere increased security requirements apply. Codes with between three and eight digits can be used, which equates to a maximum of 100 million codings. This means that successful tampering attempts can be ruled out almost completely if the codes are changed regularly. An automatic locking security lock, the optional use of a locking cylinder with cylinder protection or of the emergency power contact and the solid stainless steel decorative plate make this ANYKEY® version an almost impregnable fortress against intruders. ANYKEY® is a real insider tip in the field of security.

Tested and classified as unique, ANYKEY® meets essential security standards in all versions. That makes it unlike any other fitting currently available on the market. The ANYKEY® security fitting with its integrated access control therefore not only offers effective burglary protection (DIN EN 1906, protection rating 2 and DIN 18257), but is also certified as suitable for use in fire and smoke protection doors (DIN 18273) and emergency exit doors (DIN EN 179). This guarantees greater security for retailers, for security experts and, most importantly, for end users.