Universal locking lever cylinder .211

23 mm diameter, laterally flattened to 17.6 mm

Overview of Advantages

  • The locking direction of the locking lever can be given when ordering; the locking direction can however be easily changed by changing the position of the stop screw

Product description

  • Brass cylinder matt chrome-plated
  • Number of pin tumblers dependent on system
  • Standard finish, matt chrome-plated (OF=MC)
  • Locking wave (SW=), additional lateral scanning and security card depending on profile (PR=)
  • Spherical / Tapered cylinder core head with reinforced key guide
  • Core pins made of special wear-resistant bronze
  • Locking path and locking lever path 90ยบ left or right
  • Key withdrawal when locking lever is closed
  • Fixing with housing nut M23 x 0.75
  • Standard locking lever (SLHB=1645009)
  • Dimension a, b, c, d in mm dependend on system (L=)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 locking lever cylinder
  • 2 nickel silver keys
  • 1 casing screw nut M23 x 0.75
  • 1 core nut, M10 x 0,75 x 3

Ordering Information

  • Please include the desired locking path (SST=) in your order.
  • Cylinder lenght L= is necessary in your order for measurements a,b,c,d with L=25 (25, 35, 21, 16) or L=29 (29, 39, 25, 20)
  • The actual lengths for a and b can deviate by +0.5 mm

Current Systems

Existing System