Universal locking lever cylinder - System MK5 2103

21 mm diameter, laterally flattened to 17.6 mm

Product description

  • 5 pin tumblers
  • Brass cylinder
  • Standard finish, satin nickel-plated (OF=MV)
  • Drilling protection class 1 (AB=1) standard
  • Standard with enclosed but not fixed locking lever (AUS=10X7-M8 LOSE)
  • Locking path and locking lever path 90º left or right
  • Key withdrawal when locking lever is closed
  • Locking lever can be adjusted to 90° or 180°, depending on version
  • Fixing with housing nut M21 x 0.75
  • Other lever mating dimensions, e.g. AUS=7x7-M8, to permit the use of other locking lever variations
  • Standard locking lever (SLHB=2645014)
  • Key with round metal head
  • Available for type H locking systems (AA=H)
  • Available for individual locking with standard locking (AA=NML), without security card
  • Available for individual lockings in profile KSP1 with registered and restricted locking (AA=SP) and security card

Scope of delivery

  • 1 locking lever cylinder
  • 2 small nickel silver keys
  • 1 locking lever (1905,SLHB=2645014) enlosed but not fixed (AUS=10X7-M8 LOSE) or 1 locking lever fixed (AUS=10X7-M8 MONT)
  • 1 housing nut M21 x 0.75
  • 1 core nut M8 x 0.75
  • 1 toothed lock washer, J8.2, DIN 6797


  • Can only be combined with MK5 system cylinders

Ordering Information

  • Please include the desired locking path (SST=) in your order.
Variants that can be ordered
Article numberAA=PR=
2103 NML K6
H K6