Drive unit for multipoint locking device with lateral bolt .261

With external cylinder .063

Overview of Advantages

  • With robust bolt and solid lock case

Product description

  • Visual locking display (green/red)
  • Available in color: silver grey (FB=SGR) similar to RAL 9006, white (FB=WS) similar to RAL 9016 and brown (FB=BN) similar to RAL 8019
  • With drilling protection for lock cases
  • Lock and lock case made of die-cast anti-corrosive zinc
  • AUS=AT240 for single and double-leaf doors with profile and/or door stop
  • Rods and rod covers for door height up to 2400 mm (1 x approx. 1000 mm + 1 x approx. 1400 mm)
  • Bolt projection via rods, single turn, 17 mm
  • Brass lateral bolt, solid, double turn, 24 mm projection
  • Adjustable backset 60/70 mm
  • Suitable for DIN left (S=R) or DIN right (S=L)
  • For rebated and non-rebated doors
  • Brass cylinder
  • Standard finish, satin nickel-plated (OF=MV)
  • Number of pin tumblers depending on system
  • Drilling protection (AB=), locking wave (SW=), additional lateral scanning, security card depending on profile (PR=)
  • VdS class, DIN class, depending on profile (PR=)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 drive unit
  • 1 external cylinder .063
  • 3 nickel silver keys
  • 1 drilling protection for lock case 1920
  • Lock case shims (2x 1 mm und 2x 3 mm) for height adjustment up to 18 mm
  • 1 set connection components 1954,AUS=TH240


  • VdS approval only in combination with a security escutcheon 1086 or 1087

Ordering Information

  • Please include the desired color (FB=) as well as the DIN-door direction (S=) in your order.

Current Systems

Existing System