Door handle chain 9M34,AUS=PHZ VOR

Prepared for profile half cylinders

Overview of Advantages

  • Protection direcltly on the lever handle, no damage to door leaf during installation

Product description

  • Secures the door at the door handle
  • Lockable from the inside
  • Chain coating protects the door leaf
  • Prepared for profile cylinder - therefore suitable for installation of locking system cylinders, particularly in public buildings (e.g. psychiatric clinics, schools, hospitals)
  • Door leaf is not damaged during installation
  • Chain length 360 mm incl. link
  • Chain: steel with plastic coating
  • Material: Aluminium

Scope of delivery

  • 1 door handle chain without profile half cylinder
  • 1 wall anchor
  • screws
Variants that can be ordered
Article numberFB=
9M34 45192 F1
9M34 45193 F2