Profile-double cylinder VERSO®CLIQ V551

One side required locking action (A), one side dummy (B) - without key

Product description

  • Available as mechanical or electromechanical version (V=)
  • Brass cylinder housing components
  • Standard finish, satin nickel-plated (OF=MV)
  • Basic cylinder length 61 mm (C) - A/B (L=30/30) - other installation lengths available - flexible modular system
  • Standard cam position (SST=30°)
  • Cam made of break and corrosion-resistant nickel silver profile
  • Tumbler elements with special wear-resistant alloy
  • Dust and rain cover for one side available under (SUR=1)
  • Optionally available with anti drilling protection class 2 (AB=2)
  • Optionally VdS★★★ (SZ=VDS-B+, AB=2)
  • Optionally available for use in potentially-explosive atmospheres in Zone 1 (Ex II 2G) ATEX=II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • Optional available without audit trail (V2=OHNE AUDIT)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 profile-double cylinder
  • 1 cylinder fixing screw M5 x 85 mm
Variants that can be ordered
Article numberOF=L=V=
V551 MV/MV 30/30M
MV/MV 30/30E1
MV/MV 30/30E2
Special equipment

Special identification marking

Special designation of your choice for the front of profile cylinders, 6 characters maximum (SBZ=)per cylinder

Explosion protection

II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 GbLocking cylinders for Zone 1 hazardous areasper cylinder

Drilling protection

AB=Area of applicationInfo
2For profile knob, half and special cylindersper cylinder

Test certificate

SZ=AB=Area of applicationDescriptionInfo
DIN2For profile half and knob cylindersDIN-tested profile cylinderper cylinder
VDS2For profile half cylinderVdS-approved profile cylinderper cylinder

Special finish

OF=SurfaceArea of applicationInfo
MVBrass, nickel-coatedFor profile and locking lever cylindersper cylinder
MCBrass, satin chrome-platedFor profile and locking lever cylindersper cylinder
MPPolished brassFor profile and locking lever cylindersper cylinder
MGBrass, satin brushedFor profile and locking lever cylindersper cylinder
../..Different coloured sidesFor profile double and knob cylindersper cylinder

Dust and rain protection

SUR=Area of applicationInfo
1For profile knob and double cylinder, double cylinder one side blind, half cylinder and special cylinderper cylinder

Cam position and free wheeling function

90-27090-270 degrees
270-90270-90 degrees
270-0270-0 degrees
0-900-90 degrees
180-90180-90 degrees
270-180270-180 degrees
135-180135-180 degrees
135-225135-225 degrees
90-18090-180 degrees
180-270180-270 degrees
270-30270-30 degrees
330-90330-90 degrees
FZGFreewheeling cylinder for gear locks, for cylinder lengths starting from L=35/30 or 30/35

Cogwheel version

SST=Area of applicationDescription
K901179Mul-T-Lock typeDiameter 24 mm / Module 2 / 10 teeth
K901180VIRO/IKON .138 typeDiameter 30 mm / Module 1,5 / 18 teeth
K901293Laperche typeDiameter 24 mm / Module 1,5 / 14 teeth
K901188Italian typeDiameter 27 mm / Module 1,5 / 16 teeth


VAR=Area of applicationDescriptionInfo
K901310-X-BIFFARFor profile locking cylindersDouble cam with 2 outputs arranged 180° from each otherper cylinder


OHNE AUDITCylinder without events list, frontal marking with symbol "§"per cylinder

Installation lengths of double and knob cylinders