Visor fitting - push plate - U-shaped handle SM03,AUS=W/703

With magnetic-coded visor and cylinder cover

Overview of Advantages

  • With solid sliding visor including encoded magnetic lock - effective protection against exposure to violence or attempted attack

Product description

  • Distance 72 mm with 8 mm spindel for apartment doors (ABM=72/8)
  • Distance 92 mm with 10 mm spindle for main doors (ABM=92/10)
  • Cylinder cover can be adjusted with thread for cylinder projection from 10 to 18 mm
  • Double screwed
  • The solid sliding visor covers the locking cylinder and counteracts forced intrusion (e.g. break-in, twisting, gluing or opening the locking cylinder using the picking method)
  • Visor opening with coded magnetic key
  • The code card enclosed prevents unauthorised acquisition of magnetic keys
  • Prepared for profile cylinder

Scope of delivery

  • 1 magnetic lock
  • 3 magnetic keys
  • 1 Set with fixing material
  • 1 code card
Variants that can be ordered