SCALA controller (top-hat rail installation)

Article number: 435-122--1---00

Product description

The SCALA net controller is a modern and upgradable access control control unit. It is also scalable and suitable for complex control of up to 16 access points online. Up to 4 doors with update readers and 12 additional doors with Aperio wireless technology can be connected.

A special feature is the simple and self-explanatory Plug & Play installation based on state-of-the-art SD memory card technology. Here, all installation parameters are stored on a micro SD card and thus communicated to the controller. This technology (patent pending) enables up to 250,000 master data sets and 1 million bookings, as well as thousands of system log entries to be stored on-site. This is an enormous advantage in the event of an interruption in communication with the server.

Optionally, the PC-compatible database can be encrypted on the SD card.

A clear display via multiple LEDs on the controller provides extensive information on the configuration and status, such as information on the connection to the server, the data exchange with the host system and an overview of the components on the bus interfaces and the status of the relays.

This information can also be viewed comfortably from the PC workstation via the web interface. The LED indicators are shown in the configuration overview in real time. The controller also offers extensive diagnosis options and a permanent measurement of the intrinsic temperature and the input voltage. This information also provides a comprehensive overview of the SCALA net controller and a potential fault can be found or removed quickly.

The SCALA net controller has three RS485 interfaces, one of which can be configured as a CAN bus interface. The entire door periphery of two doors wired online can be controlled directly via two relay outputs and four analogue inputs.

The controller is connected to the host system via the integrated Ethernet interface.

For easy installation, the controller is available either in a casing for mounting on top-hat rails or in a steel casing including mains adapter depending on the installation location.

Overview of Advantages

  • Central, practically unlimited data storage thanks to micro SD card technology
  • Automatic generation of all configuration parameters on the micro SD card
  • Improved data security thanks to consistent encryption through to the micro SD card
  • Full function in offline operation, such as the update function or anti-pass back
  • Management of up to 2,048 access profiles
  • Storage of up to 250,000 master data sets
  • Storage of up to 1 million event logs
  • Reduced installation time thanks to plug & play installation
  • Comprehensive LED displays
  • Reduced diagnostics overhead thanks to intrinsic temperature and input voltage monitoring
  • Controller internal process events are stored automatically in a log file.
  • Connection of up to 4 update readers (write/read unit) and 4 optional additional readers (without write function)
  • Connection of up to 16 Aperio online components
  • 3 x RS485 interfaces
  • Connection option for one escape door terminal
  • 2 PTC fuses for internal and external consumers

Scope of delivery

  • 1 controller
Technical data