Door-Visualization IIS Version

Article number: 970-VIS-IIS--00

Product description

Web-based door visualisation for escape route technology for devices with TS bus interface in conjunction with the TS bus controller 970-TSBC-20 for the control and monitoring of:

Doors with escape door locking device

Doors with electromechanical locking elements such as electric strikes, motorised lock, motorised bolt

Doors with condition monitoring via door or bolt switch contacts

Door-Visualization IIS Version

Illustration of panel and floorplan views Floor plan views in JPG, PNG or SVG formats can be included. Configuration takes place via the web interface.

System requirements:

Single-user installation Windows 7 Professional, multi-use solution Windows server operating systems from 2008 version, each with IIS (internet information services) from version 7.5

Overview of Advantages

  • 10 views as a panel or doorplan view
  • 10 linkable TSB controllers (max. 200 doors)
  • Event list with filter capability
  • Views can be individually configured by the user, including doorplan views
  • User administration
  • Backup/restore function
  • Single/multi-user version


  • Authorization and knowledge is required for installation. Installation support on request.
Technical data