ePED® terminal, surface-mounted with time delay and illuminated pictogram included 1386S00UP

Article number: 1386Z1LB7--04S0

Product description

For use with time delay, with 4-wire bus cabling in Hi-O technology.

With emergency open module for the control and monitoring of electrical locking elements for escape routes.

The time delay deviating from this is checked as per the requirements of DIN EN 13637:2015 (electrically controlled exit systems for use on escape routes) as per EN 61508 Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2).

Time delay applications are subject to local Building Regulations. Additional permissions may be reqired.

Prepared for external AC system.

With empty position for integration of e.g. a RFID reader of an external AC system.

Connection to door terminal via: SYSCON-5 connection cable

For surface mounting with manufacturer-specific covers and housing.

Consists of: illuminated pictogram; central cover; display release delay; emergency open module; empty position for accepting a RFID reader

With ePED® interface for locks for installation in distribution boxes

Technical data