SCALA net guest management license extension

Product description

The SCALA net guest management was specially developed for managing small guest houses bed & breakfasts, small hotels and similar. The solution is particularly suited for businesses with frequently changing guests.

A clear assignment plan gives the administrator an overview of the individual guest rooms and optional guest areas. The management of the guest system takes place per room or guest area.

To authorise guests for the relevant rooms and areas, the access authorisations configured in the software are saved on the guest identification card via the SCALA desktop coding device. The administrator can carry out the coding of the identification cards at any time before the guest arrives.

For easy handling of the SCALA guest management, standard check-in and check-out times can be saved. If a guest needs different times, these can also be set individually.

In addition to the individual guest rooms, the guest areas, such as the car park, bicycle storage area, sauna or similar, can also be managed. Standard areas such as the car park can be defined here, which are assigned to the guest automatically during the booking process. Areas such as the sauna can also be activated individually for the guest if requested by the guest as an additional option.

General opening hours for the guest areas can be saved for simple management.

Alongside the pure guest management version, there is also the option of implementing the guest management via an expansion license in existing SCALA net systems. In this case, the solution fits seamlessly in the existing SCALA net configuration.

All hardware components used for guest management are part of the SCALA product family and are thus completely compatible with the SCALA solutions.

Doors with Aperio® offline components, such as escutcheons and cylinders for access management, can be integrated in the guest management with no additional wiring.

Overview of Advantages

  • Clear assignment plan
  • Additional management of guest areas
  • Input of standard values, such as check-in and check-out times, are adopted automatically for all guests
  • Guest-based adjustments, such as late check-out, possible
  • No wiring of the doors for the guest areas (Aperio® offline)
  • Easy and intuitive operation of the software
  • Guest management is separate and not mixed with the management of personnel access authorisations
  • Wireless integration in the system as license management with SCALA net