Escape door locking system 352M.85

  • ArtNo: 352M.85-----Q91
  • EAN: 4042203699069

Product description

Version with strike plate, counterpart (VarioFix®) and spacer plates

Mainly suitable for use in metal frames/metal doors

Overview of Advantages

  • Very quiet locking and unlocking, silent during permanent release
  • The 352M escape-door locking system is especially designed as an additional locking system to secure doors along escape routes
  • Suitable as an additional locking element for instalation in fire doors
  • Example for further usage options: double action swing door, revolving doors, interlocking doors, special doors
  • Universal installation position, vertical and horizontal in the door frame or door leaf
  • Holding force of 5000 N
  • Safe unlocking under pre-load of up to 5000 N
  • 12V DC to 24V DC multi-voltage, controlled DC voltage
  • Monitoring contact and armature contact integrated
  • Compatible for installation with models 351U and 351M
  • VarioFix counterpart +/-2mm adjustable

Scope of delivery

  • Supply includes square-cut strike plate, square-cut counterpart (VarioFix) and 4 square-cut spacer plates
Technical data
Adjustable keeper (FF, FaFix®)Yes
Monitoring contact (RR)Yes
Diode (05)Yes
Armature monitoring contactYes
Input operating voltage12-24 V DC ± 15%
Max. current consumption with motor operation (approx. 2 s) 12 V DC600 mA
Max. current consumption with motor operation (approx. 2 s) 24 V DC290 mA
Current consumption in continuous operation (locked) 12 V DC360 mA
Current consumption in continuous operation (locked) 24 V DC190 mA
ApprovalsEltVTR / EN 13637
Max. pre-load5000 N
Break-in resistance5000 N
Operating temperature range-15 °C to +50 °C
Installation positionVertical and horizontal
Length200 mm
Width25 mm
Depth42 mm
material boltSteel
Rebate clearance3 mm (2 mm – 4,5 mm)
Accessories/Individual parts
Order number
SET352E-25---00Counterpart (VarioFix) with spacer plates
Square-cut counterpart with VarioFix adjustment
352E-3-------00Spacer plate
3mm thickness, suitable for counterpart (VarioFix)
SET352R-25---00Counterpart with spacer plates
Round counterpart