Electric strike 143.20

Product description

Model with monitoring contact as potential-free changeover contact. This is actuated by the latch bolt via a slide.

Can also be used as a high-security strike

Overview of Advantages

  • Radius keep, FaFix®, adjustable by 2 mm
  • New connection technology, can be replugged
  • 12-24 Volt voltage range for AC and DC operation
  • Resistant to continuous current across the entire voltage range
  • All models can be fitted as required (right-hand/left-hand/horizontally)
  • Integrated surpressor diode
  • Compatible with ProFix® 1 striking plates
  • Preload modes 400N or 800N can be set


  • Each version can be installed on the left, right, or horizontally. If space is limited, the terminal block can be fitted elsewhere on site.
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered