Mechanical Safety Lock 709X with handle control, wooden and steel door version 709X602PZ

12-24 V DC; backset 60

Product description

The security lock with handle control 709X is used especially in situations where the advantages of handle-controlled unlocking have to be combined with the mechanical security requirements of the above-mentioned lock models 309X and 409X. The integrated

The bolt is forced back by the engaged external handle and the double action latch is no longer blocked. When the door is closed, the control latch together with the pre-tensioned cross control ensures that the bolt is fully extended and the double action latch blocked which improves the level of security obtained.

The panic side settings and selecting between fail-locked and fail-unlocked can be performed on the lock as required.

Overview of Advantages

  • Mechanical automatic locking system
  • Mechanical follow up control between double action latch and control latch
  • With double action lock, so can be used with both DIN left-hand and right-hand
  • Panic side can be switched
  • Can be changed between fail-unlocked & fail-locked
  • Burglary-resistant due to solid bolt with 20 mm throw
  • Panic function – approval in accordance with EN 179 – approval in accordance with EN 1125
  • Suitable for fire doors
  • Controllable external handle
  • Changeover function for unlocking with a key from the outside
  • Monitoring functions


  • The locks of the model Series 709X have a separate follower and therefore, require an internal handle (or a panic bar) and an external handle.
  • The lock is actuated by a card reader, code lock, timer switch, button, etc.
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered