Electric high-security lock 809M12A72A65F4F

65 mm backset, 24 mm face plate width

Article number: 809M12A72A65F4F

EAN-Number: 4042203149250

Product description

Electric security lock model 809® is a self-locking panic lock with a split handle follower and controllable outside handle.

Overview of Advantages

  • Self-locking
  • Panic function
  • Controllable external handle
  • Monitoring
  • Mechanical follow up control between latch and control latch
  • Suitable for installing in fire doors
  • Approval DIN EN 179


  • Voltage: E9 = 12 V Fail-unlocked, E4 = 12 V Fail-locked, F9 = 24 V Fail-unlocked, F4 = 24 V Fail-locked
  • Please note: Connection lead should be ordered additionally.
  • Striking plates are an integral part of DIN EN certification.
Technical data