Electro-multi-point lock 819L32V92-35F9D

Article number: 819L32V92-35F9D

EAN-Number: 4042203344549

Product description

Electric Multi-Point Lock 819 is a self-locking panic lock with a split follower and an electrically controllable outside handle. The outside handle can be temporarily or permanently engaged or disengaged using the electric controls.

The handle controls are based on the fail-unlocked operating principle: if the lock is energised, outside handle is disengaged, i.e. outside handle does not work; if the lock is de-energised, the outside handle is engaged, i.e. outside handle will work.

Thanks to its three hardened lock bolts with a 20 mm throw and automatic self-locking, this multi-point lock meets optimum standards in mechanical security.

The enhanced burglary protection achieved as a result does not affect the performance of the lock function. Requirements for use in fire doors are also met and the lock is also suitable for emergency exits in accordance with DIN EN 179.

Overview of Advantages

  • Mechanical automatic locking system
  • Mechanical automatic locking process control between latch and control latch
  • Burglary-resistant thanks to three solid, hardened bolts with 20 mm throw
  • Burglary resistance up to Resistance Class 4 achievable in suitable door systems
  • Can be optionally fitted with a fourth bolt, e.g. ceiling-height doors or doors higher than 2.5 m
  • Panic function (approval in accordance with DIN EN 179)
  • Suitable for fire doors, evidence of conformity in form of general appraisal certificate
  • Electrically-controlled outside handle, escutcheon is used with a split handle spindle and outside handle
  • Changeover function for unlocking with a key
  • Monitoring functions: locked; operation of inside/outside handle and cylinder
  • Variant available with integrated escape door strike 331U in striking plate
  • Variant available with integrated latch bolt lock 807 in face plate

Scope of delivery

  • 1 multi-point lock
  • 1 operating manual


  • All major functions of the lock can be monitored by integrated potential-free change-over contacts. Attention: Fail-locked and fail-unlocked versions!
Technical data