Escape door control unit with power supply unit in the steel housing with top-hat rail

Article number: 720-40-SG-01000

EAN-Number: 4042203655140

Product description

To control electric locking systems in doors along escape routes; certified in compliance with EltVTR.

The escape door control unit is integrated in the steel housing together with the power supply unit and the security relay module.

Escape door control module

  • Can be connected to door terminals and operating components
  • Can be connected to locking components
  • Adjustable time period for max. continuous release, delay in continuous release, temporary release, pre-alarm, alarm interval, guidance signal,
  • Monitoring of time door is open during temporary release.
  • With 4 inputs featuring adjustable parameters for:
  • Control of locking and unlocking, temporary release, alarm acknowledgement via a potential-free contact in operating devices, such as card readers and keypad units.
  • Temporary release using an access control system, or
  • Emergency release via fire alarm system, or
  • Priority locking via burglar alarm system, or
  • Unlocking via timer and many other systems
  • With 4 relay outputs featuring adjustable parameters for:
  • Door locked/unlocked, or
  • Door open/closed, or
  • Collective alarm, or individual alarm,
  • Activation of electric strike/motorised lock/door automatics/arrestor system.
  • TS bus interface for parameterisation using software (FT Manager) and networks for parallel operation of visual display software, panel and OPC server
  • Connections: plug-in screw terminals

Power supply unit

  • For top hat rail installation and distributor installation. For supplying the electrically controlled escape door system.
Technical data