TSBC Web Control Panel

Article number: 970-WCP-050--00

Product description

Virtual panel for representation and control of statuses of doors equipped with networked effeff escape route systems on customer-provided display units with network connection and web browser.

Operating elements are used for the colour display of the door status in clearly laid out matrix arrangement. After entry of the appropriate password, this can be controlled centrally. The arrangement and selection of linked doors

Alternatively to the doors, group functions of the 970-TSBC-20 can be linked with the operating elements, e.g. for the locking of all doors after business hours.

The TSBC Web Control Panel is a web service for the 970-TSBC-20 and can be viewed on many web browsers. A current version of the web browser and activated JavaScript are required. As a web service of the 970-TSBC-20 i

Networked effeff escape route technology with the 970-TSBC-20 and a firmware version from 04/02/1015 are prerequisites. The TSBC web control panel is approved via a licence key per tableau view in the TSB controller. Every tableau view can be displayed on a computer. Two licences are required for the simultaneous display on two computers. A maximum of 5 tableau views (licences) are possible per TSB controller. Licences for various tableau sizes are possible.

A corresponding order form accompanies the TSB Controller with a query of the project-specific data.