Mini door code device model 4214x

Product description

This effective door code device is installed alongside the door. A compatible electric door strike is fitted into the door frame as the counterpart to the door lock. Keypad and control electronics are housed in a single casing. You can programme the access code directly via the keypad after entering a special master code.

The device establishes a potential-free contact to the control of the electric strike and motorised lock. It also has a connection for a door contact.

Overview of Advantages

  • Controls 1 door
  • 4-digit code number for 10,000 code combinations
  • Up to 3 different user codes, 1 main code
  • Short-term or permanent unlocking via keypad
  • Use as organisational tool for daily operations
  • Little installation work required


  • Please only use electric strikes with recovery diode (e.g. 11805)
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered