Door control system

Article number: 42111--------00

EAN-Number: 4042203301153

Product description

Door keypad control unit 421-12 in its single-channel version is designed to control one door. A high standard of security and physical separation between the control device and keypad device enable this system to be used both indoors and outdoors. The complete system consists of a control unit, a keypad device and a locking component, such as an electric door strike or electric security lock.Make life easier for yourself: The codes are changed in no time at all using a digital switch. The set PIN code can be read immediately.

Overview of Advantages

  • For all areas which must only be accessible to authorised persons, with access protected against sabotage and tampering
  • 4-digit code number for 10,000 code combinations
  • Simple code allocation via code switch
  • Incorrect code evaluation
  • Short-term or permanent unlocking via keypad
  • Permanent unlocking possible via external timer
  • Electric strike monitoring contact evaluation: Resetting of release time after door is opened, single entry on each release, secure locking of door
  • Door-open monitoring

Scope of delivery

  • 1 door code control device
  • 1 operating manual


  • For access control units with control at a remote site, we recommend using electric security locks to provide greater security.
Technical data