Keypad Door Fitting Model 49510

Product description

Mechanical operation remains as it was before with the door code escutcheon. Doors can be opened as usual from the inside using the handle. When the correct code number is entered, the door handle on the outside is electrically released.

Use version A for inward-opening, DIN right-hand doors or for outward-opening, DIN left-hand doors.

Use version B for inward-opening, DIN left-hand doors or for outward-opening, DIN right-hand doors.

This model can be used in doors with a door leaf thickness of 38 - 50 mm.

Overview of Advantages

  • Use as organisational tool for daily operations
  • For all areas which must only be accessible to authorised persons
  • Code management using modification code
  • 3 user codes
  • Also easily retrofitted to existing doors
  • No cabling required, highly suitable for doors which should not/cannot be wired
  • Little installation work required


  • Rose insert must be ordered separately. A rose insert is not included in the door code fitting supply package.
Technical data
Variants that can be ordered
Accessories/Individual parts