DoC E900 Fitting

Article number: 50019168E10112-

Product description

Access decision is made by the AAperio® escutcheon based on access data on card - access data are written on card via EAC system updater

Can be used with all European (DIN) mortise locks - in wooden, steel and tubular-frame doors

Main electronics (RFID + radio + BLE) outside - security-relevant electronics inside

Outside handle rotates freely - inside handle always engaged

LED for status visualisation

Overview of Advantages

  • Can be used with all European (DIN) mortise locks
  • For indoor use
  • Door leaf between 40 and 100 mm thick, in 10 mm increments
  • Main electronics on outside
  • Can be used with standard or narrow profile doors
  • Can be used with a backset of 25 mm or more
  • Outer door handle rotates freely
  • Inner door handle always engaged
  • Security-relevant electronics inside
  • Battery inside
  • Coupling inside
  • Mechanical cylinder (optional)
  • Existing cylinder can continue to be used
  • Handle spindle easily replaced
  • Fastened with three bolts
  • LED for status display (red/green/orange)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 escutcheon with battery (Lithium CR123A) and installation instructions
  • Screws and drilling template
Technical data