SCALA net client management license extension including 2 clients and 2 system users

Article number: 435LS2---MD--00

Product description

With the SCALA net license extension client management including 2 clients and 2 system users, the software is extended accordingly.

This enables independent organisation of individual locations, levels or office buildings. Individual tenants can therefore manage their own system independently, flexibly and autonomously within the system as a whole. Only the tenant-specific information is visible for the relevant tenant here. Tenants can configure and manage their own system completely independently. In addition to the configuration of the access rights, groups and areas etc., the use of the relevant hardware (such as fully wired doors, online wireless doors or offline doors) can be freely defined by the relevant tenant.

Communal areas such as main entrance doors, reception or similar can be managed and operated jointly by all tenants. This results in significant cost savings.

This license extension is a major advantage for large building complexes in particular, or when managing multiple independent sites, floors or groups of offices.

A further benefit when managing large complexes via clients is the software installation and setup of the system. This is only carried out once by the building manager.

The responsibility and data ownership lies with the building operator.