SCALA net web-service interface license extension

Article number: 435LL2---WS1-00

Product description

With the SCALA net license extension web-service interface, data can be queried, changed and deleted using a standardised procedure. All data, including the extended personal master record, can be transmitted in this way. Events from the events log can also be queried in real-time or from the events archive.

The web-service interface uses the XML-based SOAP standard for exchanging messages. This interface requires no transport encryption. Instead, the security is guaranteed independently from the transport channel.

All messages sent by the client to the server are encrypted with a public key of the server. They are also signed with a private key of the client. Based on the certificate information in the signature, SCALA net determines whether the client can have access to the system (client-certificate authentication).

The signature is also checked and the decryption carried out with the private key of the server.

Conversely, the server signs every message it sends in response to a query with the public key of the client and its private key.

This procedure enables a secure, stateless connection and guarantees the authenticity of the issuer in addition to the integrity of the message.