Technilock® Model 844L4

Fail-locked, with control latch

Article number: 844L440ESE-----

Product description

Electro-mechanical door bolt for use in high security areas

Features of the fail-locked version:

The fail-locked version always keeps the door closed. Here, the focus is on secure locking (security)

A secure closure is provided in the event of a power failure/fault

Very high locking pressure and high impact resistance

Static bolt load in accordance with DIN 18251 20,000N (destruction-proof)

Extended range of functions: Two additional functions ensure daily operations continue in the event of power failure and breakdowns. Emergency locking also takes place in the event of a breakdown.

Holds the bolt of opened door unlocked even during power failure

The cylinder function can be used to lock and unlock manually. After manual locking, the bolt in fail-locked version cannot be unlocked via the actuation signal. Manual locking can only be cancelled by unlocking via the locking cylinder

Mechanical steering device

Direct activation by a fire alarm/smoke detection system is not possible

Overview of Advantages

  • Reliable impact resistance
  • Destruction resistant to transverse forces of up to 20,000N on the bolt
  • tested for use in fire doors in accordance with DIN 18250, General Inspection Authority Test Certificate, only for fail-locked version
  • 80 N bolt pre-load for fail-locked and fail-unlocked models always ensures reliable unlocking
  • Status monitoring via programmable monitoring contacts, additional relay circuit board provides potential-free monitoring contact
  • Programmable unlocking time
  • Sequence control system for locking with mechanical and electrical query of the door status
  • Integrated error log and undervoltage indicator make fault rectification easier. Malfunctions can be traced on site and quickly verified for repair purposes, with rapid error analysis, high available, short downtimes
  • Integrated microprocessor control unit: no additional external control unit required
  • Vertical installation possible in the frame or door leaf
  • Vertical installation possible in the frame top
  • Control board with protective coating, enabling use in protected outdoor installation
  • Compatible with the predecessor L3 series - simple exchange possible

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Technilock®


  • Striking plate is not included in the scope of delivery.
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