The MEDIATOR® linear electric door strike for single-point locks

Article number: 65-----68A35E94

EAN-Number: 4042203352322

Product description

The MEDIATOR® linear electric strike has been especially developed for this lock solution.Manufactured to effeff's established high quality standards, it is available withfix adjustment and flat, angled, arc, or renovation striking plates. Different spacerplates to align the rebate clearance are available with the striking plate used. A slidingpiece is available to bridge notches and unevenness in the profile.The MEDIATOR® linear electric strike is motor-driven and fulfils all the requirementsfor use in busy apartment doors.

Overview of Advantages

  • Optimum burglary protection. The entrance door is always locked - day and night.
  • Safer escape routes. Despite being permanently locked, the building can be exited through the entrance door at all times in emergency situations and during "day-to-day operations"
  • Great convenience. Locked building entrance doors can be easily opened from inside apartments.
  • MEDIATOR ®can be combined with EAD and intrusion alarm systems.
  • MEDIATOR® has all important certifications and approvals
  • MEDIATOR ® can also be used in fire and smoke protection doors in coordination with the door manufacturer.


  • Different spacer plates to align the rebate clearance are available for the strike plate used. A sliding piece is available to bridge notches and unevenness in the profile.
Technical data
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