High-security lock with external control 509X702PZ

Backset 65 mm

  • ArtNo: 509X702PZ-----1
  • EAN: 4042203162068

Product description

The motorised security lock is used especially in situations where the advantages of motor-powered unlocking have to be combined with the mechanical security requirements of the above-mentioned lock models 309X and 409X. The integrated monitoring contacts

The bolt is retracted by an electric motor and pre-tensioned by a spring mechanism. When the door is closed, the control latch ensures that the pre-tensioned bolt is fully extended and the double action latch blocked which also improves the level of security obtained.

The lock operates according to the fail-unlocked principle and remains locked when the current fails and can only be opened by a key or by operating the internal door handle.

Overview of Advantages

  • Mechanical automatic locking system
  • With double action lock, so can be used with both DIN left-hand and right-hand
  • Mechanical self-locking process control between double action lock and control latch
  • Burglary-resistant due to solid bolt with 20 mm throw
  • Burglary resistance up to resistance class 2 can be achieved in suitable door systems
  • Panic function – approval in accordance with EN 179 – approval in accordance with EN 1125
  • Suitable for fire doors
  • Motorised unlocking, so ideally suited for combining with door automation systems
  • Used with front door furniture
  • Changeover function for unlocking with a key from the outside
  • Monitoring functions

Scope of delivery

  • 1 piece security lock
  • 1 operating manual


  • The locks of the model series 509X have a continuous follower and therefore, require front door furniture (internal handle or panic bar, external knob or bar).
  • The lock is actuated by a card reader, code lock, timer switch, button, etc.
  • For standard doors
Technical data
Maximum load microswitch 24 V DC200 mA
Input operating voltage12-24 V
Current consumption 12 V DC1300 mA
Current consumption 24 V DC600 mA
Backset65 mm
Panic functionYes
ConnectionVia motorised lock control unit 509XSTRG
Operating temperature range-20 °C to +60 °C
Class of protectionIP 40
Width192 mm
Height110 mm
Depth45 mm
Distance72 mm
Bolt throw20 mm
Handle follower9 mm
Approval DIN EN 179Certificate of Constancy of performance 0432-CPR-00007-11
DIN EN 1125 approvalCertificate of Constancy of performance 0432-CPR-00007-12
Building authorities test certificateP-120003555
Width face plate24 mm
Alternative functionYes
Static latch bold load5 kN
Static bolt load 10 kN
Bolt counterpressure6 kN
DIN directionDouble action latch
Suitable for fire doorsYes
Monitoring contactYes
Combination door autom.Yes
Accessories/Individual parts
Order number
509XSTRG-------Motorised Lock Control Unit Model 509XSTRG
For motorised high security lock 509X
Z09XKAB--------Connecting Cable Model Z09XKAB
For model 409X / 509X / 709X; length 10 m
Z09XSBL-01----4Angled Striking Plate Model Z09XSBL-01
Short; DIN left; for model 309X / 329X / 409X / 509X / 529X / 709X / 729X.
Z09XSBL-01----5Angled Striking Plate Model Z09XSBL-01
Short; DIN right; for model 309X / 329X / 409X / 509X / 529X / 709X / 729X.
Z09XSBL-02----1Flanged Striking Plate Model Z09XSBL-02
Universal; with 16 mm lip and limiter edge; for models 309X / 329X / 409X / 509X / 529X / 709X / 729X.
Z09XSBL-03----4Angled Striking Plate Model Z09XSBL-03
Long; DIN left; for model 309X / 329X / 409X / 509X / 529X / 709X / 729X.
Z09XSBL-03----5Angled Striking Plate Model Z09XSBL-03
Long; DIN right; for model 309X / 329X / 409X / 509X / 529X / 709X / 729X.
Z09XSBL-04----1Universal Flanged Striking Plate Model Z09XSBL-04
Universal; with flange 8 mm without ramp angle; for model 309X / 329X / 409X / 509X / 529X / 709X / 729X.
1002-12-4.5--00Power supply unit model 1002
12 V DC regulated; 4.5 A; with wall bracket
1002-24-2.5--00Power supply unit model 1002
24 V DC regulated; 2.5 A; with wall bracket