External control unit

Greater flexibility is offered for installation, since the operational and display elements and the controls are separated.

The escape door control unit 720-40 can be effortlessly installed in a mains distribution box on a 35mm top-hat rail, neatly tucked away to save space. Bulky, special housing is now a thing of the past. Installation in a distribution box also makes wiring easier and reduces costs. Powering several escaped door control units from a central power supply offers further savings potential.

Besides housing the control unit in the electrics room where it is protected, it is also advantageous to create the link to the access control units from this unit.

The control unit also offers flexible functions, something which the effeff Escape Route Terminal Model Series 1385 also excels at.

As the unit is generally compatible with all effeff escape route terminal operating units, it can be used with products with a light-switch format and a compact design as well as for outside use.

Version 720-42 has been combined with a safety relay module for special applications, such as those for forensics departments.