effeff security locks are available in three versions:

Handle-operated full-leaf door lock, model series 809M with 60/65 mm backsets

Mechanical tubular frame lock, model 309-B with controlled door handle (function B), 30/40/45 mm backset

Mechanical full-leaf lock, model 309MB with controlled door handle (function B), 60/65 mm backset.

The model series 309-B impress customers with their heightened intrusion protection due to a tempered bolt (surface rigidity 60HRC) and a lateral transverse bolting force of 20 kN!

The locks in the X model series are available in four versions and as a tubular frame lock with 30/35/40/45 mm backsets as well as a full-leaf door lock with 55/60/65/80 mm backsets

Motorised lock, model series 509X

Handle control, model series 709X

Mechanical with micro-switch, model series 409X

Mechanical, model series 309X

All locks in the X model series are approved in accordance with both DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125. When selecting the lock version, the user does not need to make an advance decision on whether the door will be used as an emergency or panic exit: the lock is tested and approved for both uses.