Multi-point locking systems

The effeff multi-point lock is a self-locking panic lock. In addition to the 20 mm extension locking bolt, the door is also held shut by two other 20 mm extension steel bolts. The enhanced intrusion protection achieved as a result does not affect the performance of the lock function. Both the self-locking process and the panic function can be used.

All lock bolts are made from steel and have hardened surfaces (60HRC). This provides drilling protection in accordance with DIN EN 12209

The bolt’s sideward load is 20 kN, in accordance with DIN 18251!

The multi-point locks from effeff are available in three versions with 35, 40, 45, 55 ,65 and 80 mm backsets:

Motorised locks, model series 519

Handle-operated, model series 819 and 819E

Mechanical, model series 319E with transmission function and 319-B/319EB with switchover function B

These model series are also available with an integrated latch bolt lock 807 in the face plate and an integrated escape door strike 331® in the striking plate. Security doors with complex escape route requirements can therefore be perfectly created. In emergency situations, the panic function enables the door to be unlocked at any time using the inside handle or the panic push bar.

A further special feature of these multi-point locks is that they can be upgraded to include a fourth bolt. Intrusion protection requirements can thus be met even with extremely tall doors.