Access control for the home and for properties of all sizes

Permanently undergoing change, constantly in motion: Our lives today are characterised by urban mobility, flexible working rhythms, and individual freedom. An office culture with complete transparency. A merging of professional and private spheres All this has a common denominator: efficiency, productivity, in short - the principle of short paths.

The result is a perpetual "coming and going", which not only applies to information that is immediately available globally, but as well to people in general. And the market is in the centre of this performance-orientated structure with all its accesses in areas like functionality, comfort and security. Our market – and yours as well.

Innovations from effeff are ideally suited companions on the path to success in new market areas of importance.

Our new SCALA system makes the entry into the world of electronic access control easy for you – even without any prior knowledge. SCALA is the user-friendly electronic access control system which is freely scalable with just one hardware platform, from a single door to any desired number of doors.

The entire system is constructed with only one controller variant. Depending on the planned size of the electronic access control system, SCALA is available in different versions in order to focus on individual user requirements.

SCALA solo as a single-door stand-alone solution: the ideal electronic access control for single-family and multiple family homes, as well as for smaller properties in the artisanal, commerce, and service sectors. SCALA means: no keys, no PC, no software installation.

SCALA web for electronic access control systems with only a few doors. The web-browser-based variants are suitable for smaller companies and organisations with increased security requirements, and satisfy wishes for expanded electronic access control functions without the need to install software. This digital locking system can be expanded at any time.

SCALA net for client-server solutions, such as those used in larger electronic access control systems. In this case the administrator has special electronic access control functions and solution extensions at their disposal via licenses.

SCALA solo
SCALA solo

SCALA solo for the single door: Electronic access control at home and in smaller properties


When it comes to size: SCALA net has no limits