SCALA solo

SCALA solo for the single door: Electronic access control at home and in smaller properties

Is there only one door to be equipped with electronic access control? Then SCALA is just the right choice. In private areas, such as single-family and multiple-family homes, in smaller properties, such as workshops, offices, or law firms, SCALA solo is the perfect entry solution for access control.

It comprises the SCALA mini-controller (which can be integrated into any switch box in the building), user-friendly menu guidance, and a reader. Instead of keys, the door is opened via identification cards, PIN, a security-optimised combination of identification card and PIN or smartphone.

Access entitlements can be easily configured via keypad entry with master code. A user-friendly app for setting up access entitlements via tablet or smart phone is currently in development.

With the SCALA solo version, up to 99 codes and/or cards can be issued for a single door: for family members, employees, suppliers, or visitors. If authorisations are no longer required for a code or a card, both can be deleted easily and in a targeted way.