High security dead bolts

effeff high-security bolts are primarily designed for use in high-security areas such as banks, correctional facilities, military and police, jewellers and public authorities. Security is guaranteed by the high mechanical impact resistance and the maximum static bolt load of 50,000 N. 80N pre-load at fail-locked and 10N pre-load at fail-unlocked ensure reliable unlocking even in applications with swing door drives or on interlocking doors.

The self-locking and strike plate detection takes place automatically, an integrated error memory and the undervoltage display make troubleshooting easier.

The bolt is controlled via access control, central control and monitoring panels, freely programmable controls or radio-controlled remote control systems. The integrated microprocessor control means that no additional external control is required. A plug-in relay board provides the contacts potential-free. Mechanical unlocking with a key is possible as an option.

Comprehensive alarm and monitoring functions, including programmable alarm contacts and programmable unlocking time, make management easier.

Another advantage are the variable installation options. The door bolts can be installed horizontally and vertically in the frame. The wiring through the door leaf is no longer necessary and the associated tampering possibilities will be prevented. Vertical installation in the door leaf is also possible.

The models are also suitable for outdoor use.