Model range 118®, 128, 138 ProFix® 2

With its diminutive dimensions of 66 mm x 20.1 mm x 25.5 mm, effeff's Electric Strike 118 is the smallest ProFix® 2 electric strike in the world.

Model 118 is a universal electric strike. Its compact design enables it not only to open doors, but also new opportunities. Standard extras such as a monitoring contact, a hold-open function, an unlocking lever, Screw-in Terminal / plug-in connection or diodes are also provided. Both modes of operation - fail-locked and fail-unlocked - are available. The universal voltage makes voltage selection easier and it reduces stockkeeping.

The optional plug-in connection cable means connecting up is child’s play and fitting thus takes even less time.

Fail-locked 118<sup>®</sup> ProFix<sup>®</sup> 2
Fail-locked 118® ProFix® 2

Hold-open function 128 ProFix<sup>®</sup>2
Hold-open function 128 ProFix®2

Fail-unlocked 138 ProFix<sup>®</sup> 2
Fail-unlocked 138 ProFix® 2